My Story

Hi, I'm Christopher Kitchens, founder of ProductiveShapeLife. I started this website to teach others how to effectively manage their time, organization, and productivity. Before starting this project, I was a college engineering student with a focus on computer science. In my early years of college, I studied Mechanical Engineering and manufacturing processes. I have taken much of this knowledge and applied concepts to help rebuild and redesign my own productivity. For those who are unfamiliar with undergrad engineering, it is an extremely heavy workload, generally taking up the majority of your time and personal life. Every task taken on requires a well thought out plan of action allowing you to accomplish as much as possible in the least amount of time. Over time you develop processes to accomplish more in the most productive way possible.

My Productivity Kit

Ever wondered what kind of gear you need to start your business?

There are many misconceptions that revolve around this topic. The truth is, the tech is not really important. Here is a quick list of the tech I used to build ProductiveShapeLife. Over time our equipment needs with change as we grow and expand our brand to provide as much value as possible for our community. 

The trick is all in the technique, the software you use, and an overall belief in yourself to pursue your passion.


About Us

Productivity comes in many shapes and forms. We strive to offer a variety of resources to provide the most valuable content for our audience. Discover new tools with our Productivity Toolbox. View some of our in depth videos on various apps, tech, and other software. You can also find us on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest through our social media links at the bottom of our page.

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